This Abused Cat Was Dyed Pink And Left In A Cage Until This Happened

Meet The Abused Cat And Read Her Abuse Story

Do you remember Moggy? Oh, yes that green tint cat which became headline a few days back. People were really curious about her color but the story was bit funny. Yes, that green color was just a coincidence as the abused cat was sleeping besides a garage pole that was sprayed green. However, today’s story is the true demonstration of human cruelty. It is about “Pinky”, the cat that was painted by someone with wall paint.
It all happened in Bahrain and the abused cat was rescued from a cage when a resident uploaded the pictures on social media website. The pictures were seen by SPCA agents and they rushed to the market for rescue operation. After medical check-up; it revealed that the cat has been painted with wall paint and it is suffering with an allergic reaction.
Pinky has been given multiple showers and the rescue team is busy in treatment until it recovers to its original color. It is expected that she will recover soon and then it will be given to a loving person who will love to adopt her.



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