best man ever saved thousands of dogs from High kill shelters

best man

best man ever saved thousands of dogs from High-kill shelters

Greg Mahle ” the best man” is one of those people who worked for saving dogs. From last nine years he is looking for dogs and helping them reach lovely, caring homes from the high-kill shelters. In a month he took two trips, from his home in Ohio and move towards south for rescuing the dogs from high-kill shelters. All the dogs that he has saved on these trips are brought back to New England where these are given to families who took care of these dogs in a nice way.

He ” the best man” is running a transport service with the name of rescue Road Trips and with this service he is able to save thousands of dogs. He has a well mapped out route. He leaves his home on Tuesday from Ohio, and then makes his way moving through Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi, Texas, and Louisiana and then move back along east coast to Ohio. On this trip he was able to save a lot of dogs, who may suffer if he was not there to help them.

On the way there are certain spots where volunteers meet Mahle and provide him and his arrange for him “walk-potty-snack” breaks. On these trips he mainly focuses the dogs and take care of them provides them with water as well as food.
In eyes of many volunteers he has a big heart for dogs and taking care of these. He himself love dogs so much and these dogs that he rescued may die if he was not present and take them to New England and provide them with new lovely homes.

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