How a Coyote Suffered Behind the Scenes at Animal Planet

How a Coyote Suffered Behind the Scenes at Animal Planet
How a Coyote Suffered Behind the Scenes at
Animal Planet

Humans sometime forget humanity for the sake of professionalism. A similar story has been reported by Mother Jones demonstrating the sad story of a Coyote. According to reports, a coyote was captured and caged in a cramped trap for an indefinite time period. This cruel action according to the witnesses was taken on behalf of producer’s request. When the coyote was taken to a desired location in Kentucky for filming; it was ill and impassive. It had been replaced by another coyote at the time of shooting that was brought from Ohio.
There is news that representatives from Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources from Kentucky are looking seriously into the matter and there will be a detailed report soon. The photo obtained by representative of Mother Jones demonstrates the illness and incapability of the victim coyote.
As discovered from the documents of internal production and communication acquired by sources of Mother Jones; the ill coyote spent more than 3 days under the custody of production team of the show. But according to the laws and policies defined by Kentucky wildlife center; it is not permitted to hold a wild animal captive for more than forty eight hours.

Moreover, Mother Jones has found proofs about government warning letters issued to show’s star regarding defiance of animal rights in March 2012. After being found that captured Coyote could not be filmed in such condition, the Sharp Entertainment contacted Kokas Exotics that is known for raising and breeding exotic animals located in Ohio. It cost $500 to the production team and the replacement coyote was transported to shooting location on 9th of May.
While defining the position of replacement imported from Ohio; Chard Soard who is official representative from wildlife department of Kentucky commented that according to the rules and regulation of Kentucky; no agency or person is allowed for import of coyotes from any other state. It is against the rules as it can be a source of spreading rabies. The department only allows exemption for education or research purpose or to an accredited zoo but in this case no such exemption has been granted to Animal Planet or any other subcontractor.
But according to the representative from production team of “Call of the Wildman” the animal was brought in small cage by NWCO officers and then it was moved to an appropriate sized cage. The investigation is still on and you should we should wait for the results and further breakthrough in the story.

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