dog rescue from car accident inspire animal rescue program

dog rescue

Dog rescue from car accident inspire animal rescue program for Costa Rica’s highways

A dog that is hit by a car becomes the inspiration for other animals as the dog inspire to start animal rescue program. Route 27 is the highway of Costa Rica capital city San José and it leads towards province Punt arenas. On this highway the dog rescue program has been started. Last year the dog was hit by a car and a worker of Construction Company with the help of animal rescue take the injured dog to veterinarian.

This has inspired the rescue program as Del Sol has signed an agreement under which they have started the animal rescue plan on the highway. The animals that were hit by cars on highway will be given proper medical and treatment. The motorist can call on company toll free number and importantly the line will be open for 24/7. The auto pistas Del sol will take the injured dog for medical treatment and provide shelter to the dog.

An agreement has been signed with the Sana Ana Gerontological refuge that will take care of the wild animals. The dog that is hit by car and become inspiration is named route 27 and is now under treatment. He is under training and soon will be fit enough for adoption.

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