fire fighter from boston riskes life to rescue husky from icy death

fire fighter

fire fighter from boston riskes life to rescue husky from icy death

fire fighter risked his life for rescue of a an old husky from brink of death-Explore to dig more

I don’t know that why too many dog stories are becoming viral on net and most of these stories are either demonstrating an inspired rescue or owner’s neglect. Or in other sense; I should say that one humane is accused of animal abuse and the other proves to be a helping hand. So, we can see two faces of human’s instinct in every story. This story is even the same but here, fire fighter has fought against natural circumstances to save a dying dog. The dog named Sylvie and her owner was walking along the edge of Boston Harbor when the dog slipped and plunged into the ice. However, the lady called emergency services at 911 and Sean Coyle came to the scene with his team.

It has been half an hour since Sylvie was breathing in between the freezing ice and according to Coyle’s late statement after rescue; fire fighter believes that a human could not survive in these conditions more than ten minutes. So, it was understood that Coyle had to do quick action for rescue of Sylvie.
He was wearing an endurance suit and he had to slide out over the ice while resting in stokes basket. As he was getting close to Sylvie; he could see her drowning in ice and she was really scared. Coyle outstretched his arm toward Sylvie and surprisingly; it responded gratefully to rescuer’s help. But what happened next? As Coyle was trying to pull her out of ice; unfortunately, he lost his balance and fell into it.

But it was great that fire fighter had a rescue rope around his waist and his fellow crew was able to pull both of them out of ice. Then both of them were slowly warmed up and by the grace of Allah; they recovered. It was Coyle’s second rescue mission of a dog and he assumes it to be as important as saving a human life because for him; a life is a life either the life of two legged or four legged.

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