Flying squirrel has rescued and raised by this man to become a member of the family

Flying squirrel has rescued and raised by this man to become a member of the family

You must have heard about many heartwarming stories and you must have even experienced some but can you believe this one? Just imagine yourself to be a little new born squirrel, just for sake of supposition. You are a new born flying squirrel and you fell out of your nest in the state of Florida. So, how probable it is that you will survive? Undoubtedly, there is less than 1% chance of your survival but God knows better and you may find an angel to help you. Same did happen with Biscuits. It was hot day when he fell out of his nest in Florida and was helplessly laying on the hot pavement. But who knows that a young man will come to rescue him? But it was Christian (supposed name) who was sent by God to help Biscuits. Christian found him lying helplessly on the hot pavement without any sign of fur on its body. It means that it was too young as it fell out of nest. However, Christian’s could not resist his piousness and he picked him up. He wasn’t aware about the nursing process for a young flying squirrel but he was well aware about the utility of internet. He took “Biscuits” home and searched for the right feeding for this young squirrel. Not only he cared for Biscuits but he made him, his permanent partner. “Biscuits” was always accompanying Christian even in his office. It took three months for “Biscuits” to grow healthy and now it’s living a happy life with Christian. You will love the pictures below.








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