largest dog breed Great Britains break new Record

largest dog breed

Great Britain’s tallest dog may claim for a new Guinness World Record

Great Britain’s largest dog breed may claim for a new Guinness World Record

Do you know enough about largest dog breed ? Are you working with show dogs as a handler or you are crazy about keeping and nourishing pet dogs ? Whatever the case may be but what’s the best and biggest size of a dog that you have ever witnessed in your life ? Or leave it; what’s your height? Whatever it may be but I am sure that you must be shorter in height than the gigantic and friendly Great Dane Freddy. Can’t trust my words ? Just see the video and pictures below and I guarantee that you will find its name in next largest dog breed Guinness World Record as this eighteen months old pup is 7ft & 4 inches in size and still growing. Zeus is the current record holder as the world’s tallest dog from Michigan, United States. Moreover, Freddy’s is even taller than UK’s current record holder dog named as Samson. Samson’s recorded official height is 6ft and 6in. Claire Stoneman is the proud owner of Freddy and according to her; she spends an average of £4,000 just for purchase of standard dog food. When asked about her own height, she replied with a pause that she is only 5ft and 4in tall. She also added that she is really concerned about Freddy’s big size and that’s why she takes him for daily walk early in morning as she is unable to stop Freddy if it chases a dog [soliloquy id=”null”]

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