lost dog found a new home after leaves a 4 year old brokenhearted

lost dog

Lost dog found a new home after leaves a 4 year old brokenhearted

About 20 days ago, a eight month old dog has been disappeared from the backyard of Rosa Torres. She was in search of her dog as she left no place to find the lost dog. She has posted her pictures on social media and visited the local animal care center again and again. She dint realize that someone she don’t know has found the dog and taken the dog to another animal shelter that is located on the other side of the city. After the weeks of search she found no clue where the dog has been.

The volunteer has seen the pictures of the lost dog and spotted the dog adoption and give it to the new owner with new name. Since then Rosa Torres is in search of her puppy that meant a lot of her. She is not just a dog but an important part of her life as she is just like a family member. She is ready to compensate the people who find and adopted the dog. She said her Child’s are so much attached with dog that whenever they saw the picture of dog they cry.

The new owner is in love with dog and they are not ready to let it go to the original owner. She filed the case but it went against the original owner as new owners are given the custody of the dog.

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