You May Think This Old Woman Is Crazy To Have More Than 2,100 Cats In Her House

You May Think This Old Woman Is Crazy To Have More Than 2,100 Cats In Her House

We introduce you with the Old Woman who ranked her as the top of the list as an eccentric crazy cat lady. Lynea Lattanzio is a cat lover, and has 28000 cats around her and she might think it a world record. She enjoys among these gorgeous and graceful cats.
She has moved to the rental property where she has started the California’s largest cat house on the kings for no cage sanctuary for thorough and abundant cats founded by her in her own home.
She has 800 adult cats and 300 kittens and 60 some cats and even dogs in her bed room.
She has started to work with 4200 square foot home with 5 bedrooms with pool and a vet bar. In 1992 her father helped her to find some new cats and went to the animal shelter and brought 15 kittens to her home. She also rescued 96 cats at the end of the year.