Pet dogs now can visit hospitalized owners because love really can heal every thing

There is an interesting thing that you would love to know that love heals everything and this is the truth. Let’s introduce you with a great example of love with the animals. There is a treatment center in Canada which has taken the idea that snuggling with our animals is a best way to calm our nerves, improves our outlook and it feels better.The Juravinski Hospital has adapted the program that the Pet dogs can visit their owners in the hospital it will reduce the patients stress and he will improve. This program is started in the brain child of a young man Zachary and his aunt Donna. Zachary was a cancer patient and he begged to see his dog at the hospital.
Zachary is passed away but the visit of his dog leads him to the improvement in his condition and attitude. Jankin is honoring Zachary with her foundation named Zachary’s Paws for Healing. This is the first organization which allows the visits of the Pet dogs in the hospital. This will not only beneficial for the patients but also for the animals because it will help the Pet dogs who are experiencing anxiety from the nonexistence of their human.