rescue dog from chained outside in the mud for 10 years

rescue dog

rescue dog from chained outside in the mud for 10 years

Rescue dog from chained outside in the mud for 10 years

World if full of two kinds of people; one are the people with kind hearts and caring attitude for all. They are the real humans who love others and feel sad for other’s pain but on the other side; there are some who loves to enjoy and celebrate other’s pain. This is the rescue dog story of Judith that was ill treated and abused by her owner for over ten years but sadly; no legal animal right protection authority came to its rescue.

After unbearable distress and misery; a neighbor called Animal Advocates Society in British Columbia for rescue of this abused dog that was chained in mud for ten years without shelter, bone or toy. Often it had no water or food. The rescue dog was unable to move and walk as it was matted with heavy mud and her own frozen feces. According to neighbors; her owners urinated the pet from their porch. AAS had reports that several distressed neighbors called SPCA of British Columbia for many times but they did not listen to complain and the dog suffered for ten years.
Finally, one distraught neighbor contacted Animal Advocates for rescue of this abused dogs and AAS team was there in no time.

They documented her misery and took her to the shelter for necessary treatment. The rescue dog was dehydrated, emaciated and was not able to walk because of pain. But as AAS is known for its great services; they took proper care of Judith and it was handed over to a caring couple.
Judith enjoyed eighteen months of good life in ownership of her new care takers and then it died due to old age.

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