sad dog cannot believe his friends death as this dog

sad dog

sad dog cannot believe his/her friend’s death as this dog!!! Read the heartbreaking story

Sad dog cannot believe his/her friend’s death as this dog !!! Read the heartbreaking story

We always go for fresh news regarding pets and wild animals. But today, as I was looking for something exclusive; I found out a video for a sad dog that will break your heart video. Although it’s not such a video that can make your happy but it will help you to understand the real meaning of life. Why we live and what’s the major thing that matters a lot. This is the story of two companion dogs. Sadly, one is not here in this world today. But read below to know, why. It was 13th of February, 2014 when this video was uploaded on Live Leak and it went viral. The video has been captured by a truck driver who may be the one; we should call as guilty or he may just be a standby watcher. Anyhow, as seen in the video, one sad dog is trying to revive his dead companion dog that has been hit by an automobile. The dog is lying dead to the side of highway and his companion is just kicking him hard and barking loudly as he may be mourning or asking for help. But unfortunately; sad dog is unable to understand that his companion is no more alive. But there is a lesson in this video that love and friendship are two factors that must always be trusted. We should live for others so that we should be remembered even after death.

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