small dogs showed its greed by stealing Daisy’s ice cream

small dogs

Small dogs showed its greed by stealing ice cream from his canine friend

It’s always fun to enjoy food with your pets at McDonalds. But like Jean, you should not ever miss to capture such an interesting video like she did. What you hope for in this video? Well, I cannot stop laughing after seeing such an amazing video for this sweet small dogs. Jean, Cooper and Daisy have traveled to McDonalds for ice cream.

What’s next? They have been served with a cone but Cooper and Daisy need to share it. But why Jean has offered it first to Daisy? Can you predict? It is just because Daisy loves to lick it and enjoy the taste. However, can you predict Cooper’s style of enjoying ice cream? I cannot unveil the suspense here.

Enjoy the video and see Cooper’s style. 🙂

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