smart dog convince his owner that he don’t want shower

smart dog convinces his owner that he don't want shower

smart dog told his owner that he hate path

There is a large variety of smart dog who just love swimming and also chasing water sprinkles. Dogs like Labradors and Retrievers can do anything to get into water and with this for many years we are also witnessing the participation of dogs in water sports. But there are some breeds of dogs, who just don`t wanted to get into water and prefer to act like a cat.
There is a dog, Bobby, who is 8 years old, and hates to take bath. When Ernani Pardinho, his owner, asks him to take bath, it hates that moment. Following video which was posted in 2011 you can see that Pardinho is telling Bobby that he hasn`t take bath for last six months. At that time Bobby was not at all ready to get into a bath tub, but his attitude changes completely when Pardinho tells him that they are going for a walk and there they will also meet canine friends, Melissa and Mel.
Bobby is a funny smart dog , which is bit different from others. He hates to take bath, and can only be attracted to bath when he knows that he is going for outside walk and there he can meet some girls.

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