Teenagers save a homeless puppy from death in freezing cold


Teenagers save a homeless puppy from death in freezing cold

It was 8th of March when Jacob Rivello, Alex Pereira and Gabi Cavallaro were travelling back to their homes after playing lacrosse game. As soon as they reached North Attleboro, Massachusetts; they witnessed something strange. A car before them just paddled hard brake and they had to stop immediately. But they were curious to know about the reason for such silly brake on a busy road. Suddenly, they saw a dog wandering sadly on the road. But unfortunately; everyone was just ignoring the pain of that dog and no one even cared to stop and help him. All cars were passing away but the three teenagers lost their hearts in love of that dog. Should I say in love of or they were not able to see an animal in pain.

Anyhow, they just stopped besides the road and opened the door. Surprisingly, the dog just jumped in and took the seat. They were surprised to witness such a friendly attitude but then they found a ticket hanging with his neck chain. As they read the note……it was a message about dog’s identification and it was written that she is Ziya and she needs a loving home and care. The dog was abused or abandoned and it was freezing in cold.

The teenagers headed towards North Attleboro Shelter and handed over the dog to this shelter. Now, she has been renamed as Coolata as new identification and in honor of surviving swear cold. There is news that she will have some shots soon and then the shelter will hand it over to a caring person.
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