This Woman Hugging Her Dog For Tow Hours In The Mud And Saved His Life

A woman holds two hours buried in the mud and hugging her dog to save his life

This Woman Hugging Her Dog For Tow Hours In The Mud And Saved His Life

A school teacher was about to die while trying to save the life of her beloved dog. she thought she would die after being trapped for two hours in an area of mud. Lorrayne Starr, 49 years old and a native of StIves A school teacher was About to die while trying to save the life of Her beloved dog. The dog began to run around and in any moment slid down the cliff. Mrs. Starr came to check on her dog and got stuck clay stepping until eventually also fell off the cliff. “For the first time in my life I was really scared, so I thought we were going to die, it was horrible,” . The situation was most terrible since Mrs. Starr had no coverage on the mobile. “After a while I began to cry for help.” Fortunately, after two hours, a man walking around with his two dogs became aware of the situation of women and called quickly to emergencies. Starr was on the verge of hypothermia, it was full of mud and sank ever more. Members of the rescue team of Coast Guard managed to get healthy and save the woman. The woman said it will begin raising funds for the Coast Guard in thanks for saving his life.


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