Us army Soldiers rescued dog during Iraq War

Us army

Us army Soldiers rescued dog during Iraq War . Read the story below

Fortunate survival of Iraq War dog by us army  | Read the story below

Life represents the story of a two sided coin. One is really bright and happy but the other one is darker side. It’s up to you to decide between the happier side or the darker side. No one can claim that he/she hasn’t had any sorrow in his/her life but optimistic people always look for the brighter aspect. This is the story of  Us army Soldier’s rescued dog during Iraq War.It is the story of Justin who saved a young pup during Iraq war but it proved to be the last life saved him. He was killed the very next day of this event.
However, Justin’s family found a picture of him with this puppy and they plead if they can get that puppy.
Fortunately, US army troops and Justin’s colleagues helped his family to find this puppy named as “Hero”. As witnessed, Hero became a close member of the family and they love him as they may have loved Justin. You can also find a short reference about a “photo of Hero” that went viral on social media.
But here the main story is Hero’s survival after the house was on fire. According to the ABC World News, the house has been burnt severely and damaged but fortunately fire rescue team agents have successfully reached “Hero” in miserable condition. However, according to the veterinary doctors; it will recover soon.

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