big dog left with note to be reunited with owners

big dog left with note to be reunited with owners

big dog1 - big dog left with note to be reunited with owners


Do you know anything about Harley? It was an old Dachshund big dog that was abandoned by its owners just because of their age and they were not able to take care of this loving pet. It was left in a basket on a shelter with a note from the owners. So, finally “Leave No Paws Behind” took the responsibility of this dog and located his family. And the good news is that Otto will be reunited with his family as this shelter has taken the responsibility of bearing all expenses of this pet.

Otto the thirteen years old Dachshund was left before Baldwin Park Animal Shelter a week before engrossed in a blanket and placed in a basket. But it was not the dog alone but the basket also contained a heartbreaking note that is interpreted in below lines:
It is our thirteen and half years old dog. He is suffering since yesterday because of bloody stools and vomiting. However, he also had skin problem for last few years. We are both old and we don’t have enough money. We cannot bear the charges of a vet nor can we pay for euthanizing this pet. But we haven’t been alone or lived without him for last thirteen years. He also cannot live without us. So, please euthanize him.
But instead of accepting the request of euthanizing this dog; the shelter immediately made contact with “No Paws Behind” that is a nonprofit dog’s shelter. They accepted the big dog under their responsibility and named him as Harley. Soon, he had a vet for consultancy who unveiled the fact that it can be treated and it has some time to live a happy life.

So, as Harley could live for few more years and it needed love; finally LNPB decided to locate its owners. Toby Wisneski who is CEO of this rescue group spoke to media and public about this dog and soon he was able to meet Harley’s owners.
The couple wished to be anonymous and told their sad tale that they both are even unable to bear their own medical expenses so they were not able to call for a treatment of this dog. But one or the other wa; they arranged to call for a vet for their big dog who is known as Otto Wolfgang Maximus and they were informed that it has to undergo costly tests. They did not own enough money even to ask for the euthanizing of Otto. They were helpless and were not able to find another way other then abandoning the dog and left it in front of a shelter.

As told by the couple; it was hard for them to leave their loved pet at the risk of a shelter and his wife was weeping and uttering that she is sorry but as he is handicapped and retired and his wife is not feeling well so they decided to abandon the dog.
But the good news is that Otto will be reunited with the couple and LNPB has decided to bear all expenses of the dog. There is news that couple will pick their big dog by the end of this month and they will be able to live and conclude this journey with a happy end.

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