dog rescued from badly injured makes miraculous recovery

dog rescued from badly injured makes miraculous recovery

1.1.14 Nathans Rescue Recovery6 - dog rescued from badly injured makes miraculous recovery

Can you offer a new loving home to an abused shelter dog

You may have come across many mysteries and sorrow but I bet that you will not be able


to hold on your tears after reading this story. This story is about Nathan that is an abused dog found in Memphis by Tennessee. The story as narrated by Tennessee illustrates that it has been neglected, abused and abandoned by a cruel person that has not been caught due to absence of necessary proofs. According to investigation; officers have used all means and video clips about the area where the dog rescued had been found but they could only see a person running from the scene but his cruel face was not captured by camera. So, cameras even hated to capture such cruel faces.

When Tennessee found Nathan; it was tied up with a pole and it had almost no hairs on his body. The body was just bald and it was not due to his age but malnutrition as discovered by vets. He only weighed thirty five pound and was suffering with pressure sores in hindquarters region. After rescue of Nathan, it was taken to Sunny Meadows where vets had a thorough medical examination of this abused dog.


After completion of examination; vets shared their report and mentioned that Nathan is suffering with heart worm and other parasites along with pressure sores. It needed immediate treatment and Sunny Meadows created a donation for Nathan. It was November when Nathan was rescued and shifted to Sunny Meadows; on 16th of December, Sunny Meadows shared their reports about collected donations and thanked everyone who helped them collect a sum of $10,000 for treatment of Nathan.

He is being treated for extensive dentals, heartworm, specialty food and blood work. Fortunately, due to extreme care; the dog rescued has recovered with a great pace and he is ready for adoption by a loving family. If you are living in Memphis and looking for a smart dog; then hurry up as Nathan is waiting for you. You can contact Sunny Meadows for adoption of this gentle dog.

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