dog saved and adopted after neglect for years in puppy mill

dog saved and adopted after neglect for years in puppy mill

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Have you ever thought about human’s mission in this world? We have become too materialistic and we always run after money during days or nights. And sometimes; we cross human boundaries and human instinct of kindness in following the chase for money. We forget about the reality that we have been made kind and sensible to lead this world. But we start accepting money as our lord and ruin everything else that comes in our way. Today’s story is about “109”. It was the name or number given to a bitch’s crate where she had been kept for more than six years. According to the statistics; this bitch remained under the custody of a dog saved for six year and it bred for eleven times there. Mentioning the money value it produced for dog mill’s owner, it accounts to be $30,000 in the span time of six year. But what do you expect, how she would have been treated there?

the dog saved never received a bath or a kind hand and she never felt the fresh air and grass under her feet. The crate size was 2×3 where she had passed that long time. There was only little food for the survival but yes she was served with better food and could feel some fresh air when she had her puppies. But this period last for only four weeks and then after her puppies were taken to pet stores or for online selling.

But after the span of this crucial time and painful days; Gretchen Marks from Animal House Rescue came to dog’s rescue in her mill. the dog saved, nourished, bathed and received treats from that kind lady. Now she has been given to a new owner who takes care of her all time and enjoys spending time with her.

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