How to cure a dog stung by a bee

How to cure a dog stung by a bee

How to cure a dog stung by a bee1 - How to cure a dog stung by a bee

Dogs are always playful and they are extremely curious. It is common to observe dogs sniffing around to explore the curiosity. But such sniffing and curious behaviour can prove wrong sometimes as bees never ever forgive a dog sniffing into their nest. But unfortunately, if your dog has been stung by a bee then act wisely and don’t be silly or ignorant. A dog is highly exposed to such stung due to extra curiosity and sniffing around everything around the garden.

Bees are hard at stinging. You first need to check if your dog stung has been sting once or twice or even more. Whatever, the situation may be; you should first locate the stinger and try to remove it with the help of a fingernail or cardboard. You can use tweezer to squeeze it for squirting venom out.

The pain of bee’s sting is unbearable as it is extremely painful. You should prepare a blend of baking soda and water to help your dog in decreasing pain. You can also use an ice pack to reduce the pain. However, if the bee has sting inside your dog’s throat then call a vet immediately.

The swelling should go within few days but if you observe that your dog could not get rid of swelling within five to seven days then you need to call a vet immediately. You need to care for your dog and pay special attention for few days after it has been sting by a bee.

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