The most emaciated dog put to death and owner sentenced jail

The most emaciated dog put to death and owner sentenced jail

The most emaciated dog put to death and owner sentenced jail 520x245 - The most emaciated dog put to death and owner sentenced jail

Pet owner could face jail over emaciated dog with worst case of starvation vet had seen in 30 years

Have you ever witnessed such heart breaking pictures before? These are real pictures not edited but you will not believe it as humans cannot believe such cruel attitude for a pet. But it happened and these pictures are of an unfortunate emaciated dog that has been put to death to end her sufferings. She had been through starvation and according to vets; they haven’t seen such a gaunt animal before.


Tragically, Fly had to be put down to end her suffering [MERCURY]

This emaciated dog was called “Fly” and it was located in painful condition by the volunteers of RSPCA on 20th of October 2013. Her condition was too bad that a thirty years experienced vet expressed that he has not ever witnessed such a skeletal animal in his life before either live or dead. So, finally vets had to take a crucial decision of euthanizing this dog to relieve her sufferings.

David Lower who is thirty three years old from Bolton will have to face 6 months jail sentence or he may be fined for a sum of £20,000 plus proscribe on owning pets for life time. He was called to appear before court on 24th of February, 2014 but he failed to do so. But even in his absence; it was proved that he was on fault because of his careless attitude towards Fly. Court was told that the dog was dehydrating and marked “0” according to medical examination.


Owner David Lowe failed to appear at a court hearing into the neglect [MEN]

Moreover, Fly weighed half than it should have been and she was in distress due to heart murmur, dental disease as well as diabetes.
A verdict trial at Bolton magistrate’s court was deferred for pre-decree reports to be concluded. Tony Stock, bring to court’s knowledge that the emaciated dog had experienced gratuitously owing to abandon. Mr Stock alleged that RSPCA superintendent Vicki McDonald asked for arrival at Lowe’s flat following forewarn by a resident of the community on 20th October, 2013. Fly – who was supposed to be fifteen-years-old dog- was witnessed reclined in a couch. Mr Stock added that Officer McDonald was instantaneously traumatized by the stage of emaciation. She asked the owner. He established that he possess this dog. “He alleged that before a few weeks his previous partner had been liable for the dog and him.”

Court was also told that she had offered him finance for euthanizing the dog but Lowe carelessly did not contact the vet. Mr. Stock added that dog was in such a miserable condition that they had to put her to sleep but it could have been possible to manage her condition if Lowe had shown little responsibility.


A vet said that Fly would have survived had help been sought earlier [MERCURY]

But it also came under the knowledge of court that Lowe had been without a home and recently he has been diagnosed with distressing stress turmoil. Outside court; McDonald expressed his views saying that every time he comes across such suffered dog; he thinks that it is the thinnest dog he has ever seen but this one was the most sunken dog she has ever witnessed. Concluding her views; she added that it was the most emaciated dog that she has ever seen and will see and she could not believe that it was still alive in such conditions. However, Lowe will finally be sentenced by the court on 16th of April, 2014

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