good dog rescues about 1,000 homeless poor cats

good dog rescues about 1,000 homeless poor cats

good dog 520x245 - good dog rescues about 1,000 homeless poor cats
Today, I am going to share an amazing apologue that is interesting to read and teaches a life learning experience. Well, I am not going to unveil any heroic story but I should say that it is heroic but the hero isn’t the same as we always see in movies or theater. Today, you will meet a real hero that is not two legged but four legged but it has helped many other creatures and saved numerous lives against his natural instinct. It’s the story of Ginny that was as Siberian husky mix good dog with amazing or I should say exclusive life saving skills. Ginny was first discovered and rescued by a landlord who found it locked with three puppies without any food or water for more than a week. First, shelter vets decided that they may not be able to rescue Ginny and they have to euthanize her but later on


God awaken the soft side of their heart and they decided to give her a chance.Ginny was taken to shelter and fortunately it survived.

After few days at shelter, it was available for adoption when Phillip adopted it as a good dog . It will not be wrong to say that Phillip was even her first rescue as he was fighting against depression and he needed something to keep himself busy. Phillip had an accident while working as a steamfitter and it had cost him his right arm. But after adoption of Ginny; Phillip felt a purpose of life and he started seeing life positively.

What Phillip discovered strange with Ginny was her unmatchable instinct for finding feral and stray cats. But it was not right that she


always go after every cat but the injured or ill cats. She could sniff abandoned apartments, buildings, alleys, constructions sites and whatever place for helping ill or injured creatures especially cats.

According to animal behaviorists, it could be due to her personal experience of been through all such pain and she does not want others to suffer with such conditions. According to stats, Ginny helped and rescued over 900 cats in her seventeen years life. Ginny was also awarded with an exclusive award by Westchester Feline Club as she was named as the “Cat of the Year”. Leonore Fleischer and Phillip have also written two books in honor of Ginny.


Although Ginny is no more as Phillip had to take a crucial decision on August 25, 2005 but it was much needed and she was euthanized. She was seventeen but she left eating and was down so Phillip had helped her soothe and relieve from pain.

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