little dog forgotten in trash have a second chance at life

little dog forgotten in trash have a second chance at life

3.12.14 Dog Mistaken for Trash Gets a Second Chance at Life1 590x330 - little dog forgotten in trash have a second chance at life

 Do humans have become so cruel and careless about animals? Are you so cruel?

You must be shocked and may be frustrated upon reading the title for this post. Well, you may also think it as abuse against humans but I could not stop myself writing this reality. At this website; we always try to share some of the best thoughts about pets, dogs and cats. But today, I came across some frightening facts and about human nature and started this post with the same accent. Anyhow, read the little dog story below and be the judge if I am wrong.

It’s the story of neglect, carelessness and abuse against pet dog that was mistaken for trash and ignored by many but fortunately a truck driver explored the reality and called upon SPCA of Western Quebec for dog’s rescue. It was an

unfortunate, abused and neglected little dog that was abandoned by his lax owner. As soon as this dog was set free on roads; it was unable to find proper shelter and food. I don’t know that for how long it has been a wanderer. But at last; it was found near trash and many people mistakenly considered it as a trash until the arrival of a driver who even assumed it to be a battered mature teddy bear. It had a terrible condition and his skin coat was heavily caked with filth.

the little dog was then rescued by SPCA and it was taken to shelter where it received deserved care as needed. The dog was shaved and matted hairs were removed. As he reached SPCA shelter, he was really frightened and nervous but as soon as he had a dapper; he started to look good. It was popular for cats that they have nine lives but it seems true in this little dog’s case as it has achieved another chance. Soon, he will be available for adoption.

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