story of lucky dog has been death closely saved by angle

story of lucky dog has been death closely saved by angle

A Story of lucky dog has been death closely saved by angle

It’s the story of fortunate Faith that has seen death closely but luckily found an angel to save her life. It was Seal Beach Animal Care Center where Faith was brought in really an emaciated condition. She could not even lift her neck up and her body weighed less than half of what it should have been.


At the beginning stages of her recovery.

But surprisingly; it was not rescued or found lucky dog but someone unknown left Faith to the custody of Seal Beach Animal Care Center. That person when arrived there with the dog; staff thought that it is a dead dog but fortunately it twitched her paw and everyone could feel a hope of survival in it. The man left a fake phone number and never came back to see it. According to him; he found it at Seal Beach in California Weapons Station. But according to facts; it does not quite look good but the good thing is that Faith has recovered and now she is a sparkling lucky dog at Seal Beach Animal Care Center.

In initial nine days; Faith had been fed by a feeding tube and she was kept on oxygen. Her organs were just shutting down and feeble. There were just few hairs on her body but some volunteers like Barbara Christensen made their utmost and dedicated efforts to help Faith live another life. She used to feed her three times a day through spoon, bathed her and offers her medication and outfits to play. After a few months; now Faith is a happy lovable lucky dog at Seal Beach and everyone around there loves her.


Cozying up with Barbara.

But now the shelter is looking for a forever home for Faith; a home that should offer him ultimate love, care and time. According to the shelter management; they have received many applications but they are waiting for more. They request that probable family will have to pay visit to the shelter with all its members before adopting Faith.

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