lucky man rescued by his dog from snow machine crash

lucky man rescued by his dog from snow machine crash

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lucky man rescued by his dog – heartbreaking story

I started writing about pets and dogs a year ago and I came across many stories but this one is exclusive of all. I have written many stories about dog rescue where abused dogs have been rescued and moved to shelters but this one depicts the other side of the picture. A human has been saved by his dog. This lucky man is Otis Orth from Trapper Creek. He is a seasonal fisher and carpenter. He is fifty two years old and he loves to enjoy his profession.

It was an unfortunate or I should say fortunate day for Otis as he left his home went with his friends for snow cutting near 17 Mile of Petersville Road. It is his habit that he doesn’t go alone but with his dog known as Amber. He adopted Amber a year ago and she was a rescue dog. Otis was riding his machine and cutting a pair of trails at a speed of 35 mph. Suddenly his snow machine had a crash with snow berm and it fell through. Orth was tossed over by the machine and he fell down on the left side after sliding over concrete. As he fell down; his arm was twisted behind his back and he had serious injuries in his neck.

It was evening and temperature was continuously dropping. the lucky man was lying on snow covered land in helpless condition. He was not able to move but he was not alone. Amber, his dog was lying beside him and she was trying to keep him warm. Due to extreme cold, it was becoming impossible for Otis to keep his body warm but he was trying to move his arms and leg to keep them warm. He spent sleepless night in cold and was hoping for help in morning when other snow machine drivers were expected to visit the scene. Amber tried hard to keep Orth’s body warm. In morning Otis could hear his mates in nearby tracks and he pointed Amber to visit them and ask for help.

Amber hurried towards the field and Otis could hear her barking. Then 68 years old Tom Taylor walked towards Otis and he called for other’s help. He was taken to the hospital and now Orth believes that he is living a new life due to Amber’s devotion and love for him.

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