pet stores banned from commercial breeding

pet stores banned from commercial breeding

3.5.14 Chicago Bans Puppy Mill Dogs1 1 - pet stores banned from commercial breeding

There has been a unanimous decision taken by the Chicago government to put ban on the pet stores that use dog for profit breeding. After the new law the pet stores are not allowed to sale the dog or animals with profit breed like Puppy mills. Chicago is the new city that has joined the other major North American cities that have imposed the ban on commercial breeding on the dogs.

The law will be enforced from the next march and the owners who were involved in profit breeding will have to pay penalty from $100 to $1000. There are a lot of other major issues but animal abuse is something on which we can’t close our eyes.

We are proud of our bill and it will prevent the terrible abuse on the animals for profit making. It is said by one of the co-sponsors of the bill. By imposing the ban on the dog, cats and rabbits, now the focus is on the animal adoption and shelter. Our main objective was to stop animals to be used for profit making by the pet stores and now will work on the pet retail store model.

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