pitbull dog rescued from bad injury ,recovered and ready for adoption

pitbull dog rescued from bad injury ,recovered and ready for adoption

1.2.14 Genesis8 590x319 1 - pitbull dog rescued from bad injury ,recovered and ready for adoption

pitbull dog rescuded from bad injory , recovered and ready for adoption

Mangled pitbull dog rescued, recovered and is ready for adoption

I don’t know that why I am always writing about suppressed and depressed pitbull dog ’s for last few days but I have discovered one reason that we humans have become too cruel, careless and greedy. We treat animals as toys and we really don’t take care of our pets. Same happened to Genesis who was abandoned and left to defend for her life in freezing snow. Not only she was abandoned but she was chained against a pole.

Philly ACCT that is an animal control and care team working in Philadelphia rescued Genesis with a serious injury at its face. It seemed as she had been attacked by another animal and she could not escape the point. Members of Philly ACCT took the mauled pitbull dog to Bella-Reed that is a pit bull rescue organization working voluntarily for rescue of mauled, abandoned or abused dogs.

After reaching there, Genesis undergone face injury and fortunately she had no damage of necrotic tissues so it could heal quickly. But during treatment, vets also found that she is suffering with corneal ulcer and attack of parasites. However, she was well treated and during her stay in the ICU; she was greeted with lots of treats and toys. Although she had horrific ordeal but she was really sweet and calm as well as obliged for her rescue. A fundraiser was also created for medical treatment of Genesis and target was set at $5000 but it surpassed $2500 too quickly that management was not expecting. Any extra funds will be spent on other pitbull dog ’s health under Bella Reed’s shelter. Now she has recovered fully and ready for adoption.

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