Save a dog petition from hostage by Batavia woman

Save a dog petition from hostage by Batavia woman

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Petition to save a dog from hostage by Batavia woman – Sound interesting

We come across many petitions online. Some are for social welfare, to save a dog life, for helping someone in education, health or other major problems. But all of these petitions revolve around a one common motive of helping the human society. However, now you may come across one of the noble and exclusive petition started by a Batavia woman for rescue mission of a Belgian Malinois, an avid dog under the custody of Taliban’s.

According to the reports, this dog was captured and restrained by Taliban’s in a U.S. military operation last year. No one could have been familiar with the event but recently a video has gone viral on net and social media sites where Taliban’s are demonstrating their celebration with Belgian Malinois.

This video has created curiosity among animal safety organizations and pet lovers. According to the woman who is starting petition for rescue this captured dog ; she believes that these four legged soldiers should be as important to U.S. Military as human soldiers. According to her, she has a same value for all those soldiers either human or four legged athletic dogs that serve the mission of security of common people.

She is hoping for signature of ten thousand people so that petition will be valuable to be presented for consideration in state Senate. If you wish to sign this petition, please visit following links:

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